Rio Perdido

Rio Perdido Hotel: Discover paradise along two rivers

The rivers flow and their sound awakens in those who love nature, a sense of tranquility that will connect them almost instantaneously with their inner self. They can experience serenity, sometimes we need to stop for a while, breathe, get away from the daily routine and keep going.

When we are overwhelmed by our daily routine we think that it is time to take a vacation, right? And every now and then, when you need to choose your destination to escape from daily stress is not as easy as it seems.

The Rio Perdido Hotel offers its visitors a place in the heart of nature, between two rivers, canyons, and trails that take you to mountains that overlook the magical forest with rivers and picturesque scenery worth painting.

If you have decided to spend a vacation in contact with nature in a place like Rio Perdido Hotel, you should also think about a safe and reliable transportation service for your transfer from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport to the Río Perdido Hotel. The Liberia Shuttle & Tours shuttle service ensures a quiet and comfortable arrival at the Río Perdido Hotel. During your journey to the hotel you can start exploring nature and breathe the forest’s fresh air.

The Río Perdido Hotel‘s staff will welcome you with open arms making you feel at home. With this warm welcome you will experience the Costa Rican tropical flavors and the Río Perdido Hotel staff´s warmth from the very beginning. One of the TripAdvisor users confirms that this hotel’s hospitality is excellent and recommends one of the delicious and exotic drinks prepared with mango and pumpkin:

Upon arriving we were met with amazing hospitality from all staff that continued throughout the entire week we were there. We were greeted with an incredible mango pumpkin spiced drink that they should honestly bottle and sell because it was to die for and we were lucky to be given more later upon asking. All staff at all times were helpful, polite, accommodating, friendly and welcoming! Really great job guys on making us feel at home and doing an amazing job with hospitality. Abril, 2019. Usuario de TripAdvisor: goplacessometimes

The Rio Perdido Hotel architecture takes advantage of its natural environment and combines the light and dark colors that create a warm atmosphere that invites its guests to enjoy tranquility and relaxation.

In the Rio Perdido Hotel’s bungalows you can feel a sense of complete tranquility. Your mind and body will relax just by observing nature’s light colors contrasts through floor-to-ceiling windows. You will be surprised when you notice that you can observe a forest as beautiful and enchanted as those in fairytales. Surely the relaxing surrounding nature and birds sounds will make your imagination fly. Each bungalow can be reached by hanging bridges that connect the different hotel facilities, they also direct you to trails so you can continue discovering this charming place.

The bungalows are built with a sustainable modular design to decrease their impact on the environment. This way Rio Perdido Hotel wisely makes the most of nature bounties and also creates a sustainable environment.

These fantastic and comfortable bungalows have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. The bungalows’ bathrooms are finely decorated with ceramic and glass details and sandblasted windows to make them modern and cozy.

Whatever your choice is, in the East Bungalows, Center Bungalow King or The Center Bungalow Queen you can enjoy a cup of coffee brewed in the comfort of your bungalow, on the elevated terrace relaxing in a hammock where you can feel nature. The pure water shower is located outside the room, but ensures guests’ privacy. To maintain the Rio Perdido Hotel well-being concept: nature is an integral element of this enchanted hotel. The bungalows also have a desk with a forest view to catch up with your work – surely you will fully concentrate in such relaxed and serene environment.

From the Center Bungalow King or The Center Bungalow Queen you can feel closer to nature with its floor-to-ceiling sandblasted windows. The feeling of tranquility will be unique while you observe the forest just there, next to you.

The Rio Perdido Hotel stands out for its quality service. The hotel staff´s cordiality and hospitality ensure guests have a pleasant stay. One of the TripAdvisor users points out the staff´s courtesy: they were always in a good mood:

Where to start, really. Our 4 day/ 5 night stay at Rio Perdido was exceptional, and that’s not a word I use frequently. I’ll start with the staff because they deserve special mention. Absolutely every staff member we encountered was unfailingly pleasant, genuinely happy and…  Abril, 2019. Usuario de TripAdvisor: smallsquirrel75

The Rio Perdido Hotel provides wellness to its guests in a natural inspired environment to create a sustainable environment – one of the goals of this hotel.

Discover the flavors of Costa Rica in contact with nature…

And that’s how the Rio Perdido Hotel gastronomy is offered in a restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows and open spaces that will connect you with nature and make your dining experience unique. For this reason, this restaurant has been awarded for its innovative architectural design that unfolds a natural world in front of your eyes. you will observe canyons, volcanoes and the Miravalles dwarf forest from its windows and terraces while you enjoy your meal.

The Hotel Rio Perdido restaurant offers traditional dishes with homegrown and organic ingredients, in addition to international cuisine. Do not forget to enjoy the traditional dish prepared by the hotel’s Chef and his team. This traditional Costa Rican dish includes rice and beans, a salad, fried sweet plantains, and a protein – fish, chicken, pork, or beef. The Costa Rican flavors will indulge your palate for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Río Perdido Hotel restaurant. The TripAdvisor user, mentioned above, confirms that the food at Río Perdido Hotel is delicious and varied, mostly breakfasts with fresh fruits:

The food is delicious. Breakfast is every tropical fruit you ever dreamed of, plus a wide selection of hot items, yogurt, toast, etc. The fresh juice every morning was a real treat. Lunch and dinner menus vary from continental to local fare. Ask for the local menu! The ceviche was a real stand out, and the nachos on the snack menu made my daughter’s jaw drop. Abril, 2019. Usuario de TripAdvisor: smallsquirrel75

You can also surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner in the restaurant floating area that rises 50 meters above the river. There you can observe the forest and listen to the sounds of nature, or the starry nights, any of these views will make your dinner a memorable moment.

And if you think that the Rio Perdido Hotel serenity is only perceived in its internal spaces and terraces, you are wrong, the hotel’s Thermal River is one of its most visited attractions…

The Rio Perdido Hotel Thermal River is a heavenly place surrounded by rocks and vegetation that hides the secret of its crystalline and pure waters – energy that emerges from the volcanic magma deep flows.

In this place, tranquility comes from its 8 springs that emanate more than 4000 of water gallons per minute. There are places where the water is very hot, but on the banks of the river you will find dozens of relaxing pools with different temperatures where the hot springs and the river water converge.

The incredible thing about this place is that just a little further from the Thermal River you can enjoy a cold water spring to swim. In this Thermal River and its nearby waters you choose the temperature, but the tranquility will always be felt.

And the best thing of all is that this Thermal River (volcanic water rich in salts and minerals) has healing properties for many diseases and conditions present in our bodies. The Cabecar, an indigenous group native to the land, were the ones who discovered these thermal waters healing powers. One of the users of TripAdvisor describes his experience in the Thermal River as unique and as the Costa Ricans say “Pura vida”:

The thermal river is out of this world. The water is crystal clear, warm, and there is a perfect breeze that blows through the canyon to keep you cool. “Pura Vida” at its finest! Marzo, 2019. Usuario de TripAdvisor: Mateo

And if you are passionate about water, but you want to stay at the Río Perdido Hotel, other amenities are waiting for you…

The Río Perdido Hotel offers its guests 3 hot spring water pools that you can enjoy 24 hours a day. Immerse yourself in these pools while you enjoy a delicious drink in the Wet Bar or simply rest while your body tans in the reclining chairs at the infinity pool.

Your body relaxation and your mind tranquility will not be complete if you do not spend a day at the Río Perdido Hotel Spa…

A Spa in the middle of a tropical forest and surrounded by rivers is the perfect place to relax. The spa makes the most from nature bounties and uses homegrown ingredients in all their treatments. For this reason, the Hotel Río Perdido Spa has specialized therapists that make sure to include the thermal waters and volcanic mud healing properties in their massages and facial treatments. Relax your body, your neck and shoulders and release muscle tension with a massage – one of the therapies offered is the Classic Relax Rio Perdido massage.

You can also choose a completely different and renewing treatment such as the Volcanic Mud Body-Painting – your body will be covered by volcanic mud and it will produce a complete relaxing effect, and just after 10 minutes you can submerge in the hot water river. Without a doubt, the Río Perdido Hotel Spa will help you relax your body and mind and boost your energy.

Join a yoga session on a floating platform to help you relax while you enjoy a spectacular view of the forest. One of the TripAdvisor users tells us about their experience in the yoga class. One day this person was practicing yoga and suddenly observed the monkeys. This user also mentions that the rainy period is the best one to visit this place:

Yoga was in a beautiful setting on platforms in the jungle. Howler and White faced Monkeys in abundance- even while I was enjoying yoga. The scenery is lovely. I would recommend going during the rainy season for the green foliage, cooler weather and the river would be full (it was quite low in April). Abril, 2019. Usuario de TripAdvisor: csmac531

Would you like to take a souvenir from Costa Rica to your family or friends?

Do not worry, at the Río Perdido Hotel you can buy local and traditional Costa Rican crafts at the Workshop And Artisan Store. In this store, they value handicraft products designed with a sustainable concept in mind. This meets one of the hotel goals to be the one that aims at preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Your stay at Rio Perdido Hotel invites you, in addition to spending quiet moments, to adventure…

Visiting a place that emerges from a tropical forest surrounded by two rivers makes you feel like the adventure is just beginning. And that’s how it is; the Río Perdido Hotel offers other activities that will attract eco-adventure lovers. Your eyes will to open a world ready to be discovered. You can start by observing the forest from the bungalow serene atmosphere.

You can also take a guided tour of the forest at night and finish with a fascinating zip line tour to return to the Hotel. One of the TripAdvisor users tells us how he observed and heard the fabulous nightingales’ songs and explored the flora and fauna of the forest during a guided night walk, and then he returned to the hotel using the zip line:

Each evening we would sit on our balcony watching the hummingbirds and listen to the forest… Abriel and Jorge lead us on a night walk through the forest. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Abriel tell about the flora and fauna and it’s nature-based synchronicity. We saw lizards, a tarantula, small cat prints and an anteater. We hiked to a peak to stargaze. It was amazing! Then zip-lined back to the resort in the dark. Whoa 🙂 Diciembre, 2018. Usuario de TripAdvisor: Mateo

Dare to have an adventurous vacation and join the bike tours on the mountain trails. Get ready because to explore 15 miles of bike paths and walks. At the Río Perdido Hotel you can rent a bike and join one of the bike tours offered by the hotel at an additional cost.

Another daring activity that you can experience at the Río Perdido Hotel is the raft trip down the river – an experience that will make your adrenaline levels raise.

Near the Rio Perdido Hotel you will also find places that will make you get familiar with the nature of the region…

The Miravalles volcano is only 20 kilometers away from the Rio Perdido Hotel. This volcano is the highest in Guanacaste and it is located in an area protected by its rich vegetation and extensive wildlife.

You can also visit Liberia which is located 50 minutes away from the Rio Perdido Hotel known by its historical sites and culture. In Liberia you can take a historic tour and explore the Guanacaste and Sabanero museums. One of the must-have visits is La Ermita de La Agonía – a colonial-style Catholic church that is part of the city’s historical and cultural heritage.

You can also discover El Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park in Liberia. The lava or volcanic emanations that emerge from this volcano formed the t white structure on which Liberia was built and gives the city its nickname of “the white city”.

The Rio Perdido Hotel offers other services that you should take into account when making the decision to spend your vacation there : pets are not allowed, smoking is prohibited in the hotel facilities, it offers special access for people with reduced mobility, a currency exchange service is available and hotel´s staff speaks English.

And how far is the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport from the Río Perdido Hotel?

The Hotel Río Perdido is 60 minutes away from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport.

At the Rio Perdido Hotel your vacation surrounded by nature has undoubtedly made you forget the daily stress and tension. Your transfer from the Rio Perdido Hotel to the Oduber Quirós International Airport should be trusted in a transportation service that offers you a quiet and secure return trip. The Liberia Shuttle & Tours shuttle service offers you a reliable transfer. Book well in advance and enjoy our services!

A forest, two rivers and a place like the Rio Perdido Hotel will remain in your memory forever. You will remember the tranquility and peace you experienced in this hotel and its surrounding nature. This hotel will become a place you have found, discovered and valued as a hidden gem in the nature of Costa Rica.


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