Dominical (Hotels, Private Homes and Villas)

Dominical Beach

Some beaches are for sunbathing and swimming, and some are for sailing and other watersports.

Dominical is for surfing. In fact, it’s world-renowned, drawing surf fans from all over the globe to this small village in Costa Rica’s South Puntarenas province. Waves can grow to 10 feet off the shore of Dominical, tall enough to please even hard-core thrill-seekers and make this beach a vacation destination.

Don’t be surprised if you find surfers camping out on the beaches. The warm, year-round temperatures make it an ideal spot for beach-campers who don’t want to waste a minute getting back to the surf after a night’s rest. Only experienced surfers should use this beach and don’t try swimming here; there are rip tides and strong swells that are not only difficult to manage but dangerous as well. If you don’t surf, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the water.

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